The Pyrrhic Victory

Life is a battle. A battle where you may be fortunate enough to make your own decisions and based off those decisions you can can succeed, or crash and burn furiously. A Pyrrhic Victory, which came from Roman times, means that you won something, like a battle, but in order to win, you had to lose so much that you really hadn’t won at all. I think we all have our own form of Pyrrhic victories. Ones victory may be traveling the world and experiencing cultures, but, the loss of your hometown culture was at stake. I myself experiance extreme loss on the hour. For me, every second of my life at sea is a Pyrrhic Victory. I have it all out here, happiness, challenges, victories, self growth, and a substantial salary that I’m okay with. But the truth behind these victories is every moment spent here is one a moment I miss at home. It’s a laugh, a smile, or even a sense of love that someone misses out on from my lack of existence. It’s true, I’ve lost so much from being gone that my success at work isn’t really that phenominal, or is it? When my salt infused days come to a conclusion and I’m laying in my death bed, I’m sure I’ll cover my arthritis filled bones with a blanket of depression at the realization that my best years were spent on a boat made of steal and surrounded by men made of wood. Which reminds me-I remember the days boats where made of wood and the men were made of steal, but that’s beside the fact. The point is this-don’t squander your future. Yes, you’ve been told a hundred thousand times already, but underline the process again.

 Today. Find your meaning in this life. Because, the sad reality is Pyrrhic victories are necessary, they truly are. We as a race have to make sacrifices in order to advance. We have to grow.

 Now, nothing in life is free. I have to spend years at sea. Yes, I’ll regret the times I’ve missed at home with one’s I love and have yet to love, but it’s a necessary victory for the growth behind my failure. So, fail today. I mean crash and burn like it’s your last day. Live your life to the fullest and hope like hell tomorrow comes. Once tomorrow comes, kick back, spend the dollars you’ve earned by the many eager hours spent on the clock. Splurge on that cup of coffee, that shirt, or even them new 400 dollar sound proof Bose headphones. That’s right! Am I the first to say it? In the context of this blog-fail today and live tomorrow. Just make sure your failures make you better than the individual you were yesterday, because at the end of the day, it’s better to fail at something worthwhile than to accomplish something meaningless. 

I just mind fucked my way into success, again.

Tommie L Hurst 


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