Mona Lisa

Everyone knows your face, but no one know who you are. Everyone knows how valuable you are, but no one really can give an explanation as to why or what makes your legacy go on. Everyone looks at you but no one sees you for who you are, they don’t know how to look at you. They don’t know your chest is shaped as a heart. They don’t know how inquisitive you are. They don’t see how you’re trying to escape your canvas but the painter is holding you down. They don’t know that the horizon is the center piece of your beauty, that when you look at the painting as a whole, that you can actually see your smile. The don’t know you don’t have a ring on your finger. They don’t realize your right hand is placed over your left to signify your strength and diligence. They don’t see your detail, your beauty, how ever your modest clothing tells a story of who you are.

But that’s the problem with masterpieces like you, although we all see you, no one really takes the time to find out why you are the way you are. I did, and just the way you are is perfect to me. I’d hang you in every room in my house. I wouldn’t ever take you down. I’d position you so you could see the sun rises every morning over the marsh in my back yard. I’d position you on my wall at just the perfect height to where my eye sight was directly in line with your horizon so I could see you smile every day.



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